Walmer Convenience


Fuckers gotta fucking release shit on fucking Labour Day weekend like we ain’t out boozing and having sex and doing drugs that whole time. IRL sex beats URL sex everytime unless you have terrible sex which might be the case. Anyway fucking Sazon Booya had to drop their new free EP on the holiday Monday and we knew it was gonna happen and were like we’re not gonna write about it but then other people started to and so we had no choice. If we didn’t we’d look like lame wads who talk about something that was so yesterday.

It’s a great EP that really should not have been free because it’s an incredible collection of party starting, panty dropping moombahton tracks. The guys like to give back to people though so they did it as thanks for all the support.

The title track is big room moombah or bigroombah. “Shake” is all bounce influenced and really signals the continuation of a mini electro-bounce movement when you look at Nadastrom’s remix of “Bashin'” and fucking Diplo’s “Express Yourself” track. “Are You Ready” is like a Caribbean fuckfest. “Secret Heart” is kinda straightforward big room house music shit. Enough of that shit. DOWNLOAD IT!

PS They made a video with the Nadastroms as cops.

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