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A lot of people fucking talking about moombahton don’t know what the fuck they are talking about. Straight up, moombahton is 108-112 bpm with some extra room on either side. It has a fucking dembow beat. You fucking need that. If not, it ain’t fucking moombahton. I’ve seen someone say that moombahton can be at 70bpm or 130bpm. No, it can’t. If moombahton can be at any bpm and not have a fucking dembow beat then really you’re not talking about moombahton, you’re talking about music. There can be slower and faster music with a dembow beat, for example dutch house (obviously), soca and sometimes uk funky sound like sped up moombahton. But they’re not moombahton.

Some people might tell you that having genres be defined by certain characteristics is limiting, but they are fucking wrong. They might tell you that you that this is the root of what’s troubling moombahton these days. That having it have to have a dembow and having it have to be midtempo is killing it. “There is only so much that people can do” they say. This is only true if you are lazy. This is only true if making music for you means making something that sounds like what someone has already done. Assigning characteristics to a genre that limit it do not stifle creativity. Like so many before have said: limits are what foster creativity. The real genius is being able to do something new with ingredients people thought were already overused. Doing that is actually meeting a challenge. If you look at the ingredients that make up moombahton and feel you can’t put them together in a way that makes sense to you without throwing in something that makes it not moombahton then go ahead and just admit that you work in a different genre. It’s cool. No harm, no foul.

This long ass essay is to fucking say that this new Boyfriend EP that came out today shows that there is a lot of room for innovation using the ingredients that make up moombahton. One can say with certainty that this shit sounds like nothing else being done in the genre.

This is some deep ass shit. The title track is the song you hear when you get transported to another dimension that looks like this:

Here, take a listen:

The track “Shit” also sound like this fucking picture. But in a different way. It’s really quite odd:

Fucking “6AM” is the weirdest thing on here. This one is a collab with our boy Big Makk down in Florida. This is more a fucking lean house style. Shit sounds like when The Dirty Frenchman did fucking shrooms and acid at the same time and it was 6 am in the morning. Shit was so fucked. Listen:

And then the remix from Nadastrom is on here too and it’s a really interesting hood yet gay but in a good way bmore tune. Wish we could have you preview it but shit ain’t up on fucking soundcloud so sorry fuckers. You can hear a peice on the EP preview here:

One thing is left to do:


How can you not buy an EP where the cover makes the dude look like a fucking monkey or like his fucking hair is invading his face or something.

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  1. The cover work alone is epic! That facial hair! The music is stellar too! Buy it.

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