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Flosstradamus have become that group where every fucking thing they do, people gizz all over it. They are covered in gizz right now, drowning in the excretions of late teen to twenty something dudes who wear tank tops.

All this gizz is well deserved. They have basically become the standard bearers of the edm-trap wave of 2012. Their remix of Original Don was the anthem of this year’s SXSW. MOTA was on repeat in The Dirty Frenchman’s iPod for months. They have fucking killed the fuck out of 2012.

So now they release more free shit. How does it stack up? In this case they are victims of their own success. Just like Bird Peterson with Drankenstein, Flosstradamus’ new tracks don’t pack the same punch because now everyone else is making the same kind of shit. Once again it’s not their fault, they have their own sound. It’s everyone else that copied them and was unoriginal. These songs just don’t have the same impact because they are no longer unique. They still bang the fuck out so you should get them.


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2 thoughts on “FLOSSTRADAMUS X☮ EP PART 1

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