Walmer Convenience


If you’re looking for a review of this mixtape then we’re sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place. Go get the mixtape here. Instead we want to review this cover image. Because it is just perfect in every way. Let us be your guide to all those ways.

Firstly, the name. Whose bar mitzvah is it? Is it Rick Ross’ bar mitzvah? Is he 12 ? It makes you wonder if he even actually knows what a bar mitzvah is. Or is he performing at a bar mitzvah? Is he performing for a 12 year old? A black 12 year old? So many questions arise. Basically Rick Ross is either saying he has finally become a man or he is saying he is helping a black boy celebrate having become a man.

Now the imagery. This is the most “what the fuck” shit ever. First of all he has his head inside the Star of David but what is even more amazing is how he looks. Maybe this is just us and maybe this is racist but it looks like they tried to make him look kind of jewy. Like it looks like he has glasses on instead of shades and the way they made his features seem. Is that wrong? Are we racist? Are we going to anti-semite hell? Maybe. It just seems like they tried to make him seem like an accountant.

And yes, maybe we seem like racists but what Rick Ross is doing is basically being like “I wanna be a baller and Jews have lots of money so I should appropriate Jewish symbols and imagery”. It would be amazing if all the rich ass rappers start converting to Judaism just because it’s the Maybach of religions. Like you become Jewish if you’re rich. This could go on for fucking days.

Best. Album. Cover. Ever.

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