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Part 2 or the Flosstradamus XO saga is out now. We talked about what we think about Flosstradamus when part 1 came out. Since then there was all that hubbub about the fact that a lot of their trap shit was taken from Dutch hardstyle tracks. Like not just samples but a large part of the tracks and no credit was given (read the post that started it all).

What do we think? We think that credit for the original tracks should have been given. If you look at Munchi’s Rotterdam Trap EP, he took dutch house tracks and made them into trap and credited everyone whose tracks he used. There was nothing stopping Flosstradamus from doing the same thing. They have already become trap kings with the Original Don remix. No one would have told them the tracks sucked. People would have probably rightfully said that they took tunes that were from a niche genre and changed them into tracks that fucking murder big rooms all over the world and get people going insane. The genius was in using hardstyle, something no one would have associated with American urban music and fusing the two. Anyway, here is part two of the XO series or rather X☮ or X☯. Anyway, looks like they got some help for this one. Is the momentum still strong? You be the judge. GET IT!

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