Walmer Convenience


Wow, that cover is the worst. But, if you like having tracks that are obviously related to Halloween when you dj this weekend or next week then this is gonna be pretty invaluable. The Dirty Frenchman would never play such an obvious set himself. He’s more of a playing 90’s dance music mixed with kuduro kinda guy for Halloween. But maybe you are not creative. With the comp below not only do you have some destructive dubstep from Whiiite who looks like a young Marilyn Manson here but ya boyz ETC!ETC! and Valentino Khan. Sure dubstep is becoming the music of choice for noobs but it still seems right for Halloween. It’s all free so really can’t get angry about that.

If it’s fucking Halloween then Figure is gonna be front and centre with some new release. Dude gets a big chubby every year when Halloween approaches and instead of gizzing he makes all these crazy tunes. This year brings volume 3 of his Monsters series and expands it into a whole full length LP. You have to pay for it but there is the one track Corpse Grinders that he’s giving away and it’s pretty fucking devastating.

And if you like free shit then Figure has all these tracks ready for you to play like an asshole:

Play Me Records are bass specialists from LA and put out a ton of hot ass shit for free. This is their Halloween giveaway:

And…that’s about it for now. Do you guys know of anything else?

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