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Because basically when we’re on the world wide web we either go to this site (our own site, because of loving ourselves and rereading what we wrote and thinking we’re clever) or japanese animated porn sites it’s easy to miss some new stuff out there. Like this lame video Top Billin and Mc Zulu made together. But the song bangs like a motherfuck so who cares. Close your eyes. Think of a vagina that someone drew and it makes you horny.

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4 thoughts on “MC ZULU + TOP BILLIN VIDEO

  1. Aaghh Biguup Walmer! No press is bad press, I suppose…lol but in all fairness, do not blame Top Billin’ for the video…! They are only responsible for the bangin’ track :o)

    Many thanks for the linkage at any rate. Still means a lot to be recognized

  2. Hell Yea Man! LOVE this site

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