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Hey assholes. The new Disgraceland EP dropped today on Diabluma Sound and it perfectly shows that shit we were talking about yesterday with the Jake Twell & Jamrock EP. There is a British moombahton movement that is distinctive and offers a different direction (whether you like it or not) where the genre can be taken than the mainstream is generally exposed to. This is moombahton that isn’t just for shock and awe. This is moombahton that can definitely work in a club but also begs your attention to the detail for how the songs are made. There are little things here for you to pay attention to. That is if you’re looking for that.

I’m gonna say it striaght up: this music isn’t for everyone. This isn’t obvious music. You won’t get it all on the first listen. Some tracks you hear you’re just like “bam! I’m fucking hooked”. Other tracks grow on you over time. The atmosphere they create is immediate but the reason they create it takes study. For example, the title track “Been Lean” is inspired by the sounds of a beach in Ibiza heard muffled through headphones. “All my Zeros are Greater Than Your One” uses a sample of silence taken from an Italian monastery. His tracks try to create a sense of space. That all sounds like deep shit and it is. To put it simply this EP is like the food that you would get at a nice restaurant. It’s not food that an 8 year old is gonna like. It’s food for adult tastes. Fuck I won’t lie and tell you I never go for fucking musical junk food. If music had calories I’d be fat as fuck. Every now and then though I crave an adventure, something challenging and more rewarding. This is that music.

On a completely different note, here is a very serious interview with the creator of this EP, the man himself, Disgraceland:

Walmer Convenience: So how long have you been in this business? I guess we’re interested in how you got to where you are today. How did you start? What have you been up to since then?

Disgraceland: Too long hahah. To the point that at the point I discovered moombahton, I’d pretty much decided that I had had enough and was going to settle down in a 9-5 job, grow fat and spend my day surfing the net for porn.

The great thing is that now I can do all of those things, plus spend any spare time locked in the studio or recovering from a vicious hangover. It couldn’t be better.

To put a timeframe on it, I was doing school discos at the end of the 80’s, discovered house in 1990 and then didn’t come back home for 15 years.

WC: How much money have you made from music so far?

D: It’s insane – At no point in all of this did I quite expect to be dealing in the sort of cash that I am now. You know that scene in Scarface where they are sat in the room with the counting machines, surrounded by boxes of cash? Well right now I could probably afford to buy one, maybe even two of those boxes with the filthy loot that I’ve accumulated. I’m thinking of employing an accountant, maybe even an entire firm. If I was a rapper, I’d be called ‘Two Links”.

WC: This new release Been Lean is pretty different than most of the moombahton releases that come out? What informed these tracks? What were you trying to do? Or did you have no objective and what you do is meaningless?

D: Essentially I just spewed up the contents of my brain on my laptop and then played linear Tetris in Ableton until my wife threatened to leave me and my kids had forgotten my name.

WC: Who do you look up to in the music scene? Who do you wish you were? Or are happy being yourself? Why?

D: Anyone over 6’3”, which really narrows down the field. If I could be anyone I’d probably be Gwen Stefani and just spend all day at home making out with myself. As far as being happy with who I am, I’m fairly tall with no missing parts, so as far as that goes it could be worse.

WC: What is your worst djing experience ever?

D: Either when the synch button stuck and I couldn’t use my 108 – 109bmp transition tune, or that night when I didn’t have time to play all the requests for chart based RnB that I got. I felt so guilty afterwards, all those poor girls had their night ruined just because I had forgotten to bring Rhianna’s ‘Umbrella’ a a.

WC: Is making money a legitimate goal in music? Why?

D: Morally yes, but the reality is that for most of us it’s just a myth.

WC: What does Disgraceland listen to when he is just chilling with his family?

D: Various complaints over the amount of time I spend in the studio.

WC: Will you ever make trap music? Will you ever make anything outside the mid-tempo range? Are you even capable?

D: The only way I would really get into trap would be if it involved getting to eat what you caught afterwards. Like a bear.

The fundamental problem with trap for me is that I am not that fussed with rap, dubstep (outside of the stuff that remembers that there is the word ‘DUB’ in dubstep ) or hardstyle. Take these elements away and you’re not left with a lot, just a guy saying “Dim Sum? Where did you get that?”. I can tell you where I got that, the takeaway down the street. £2.50 for a steamer basket, fucking lovely.

On a serious note – I just love this tempo and while there are a heap of people making house and techno at 120 – 140bpm, there aren’t so many doing at at 108 – 112. So I’m just going to hang around here for a bit and see what happens.

WC: Beyond Been Lean, what is in the works for you? Are you excited about the future? Are you depressed?

D: I think the future looks good although I am a bit concerned that the prophecy of Back to the Future has not come true, but I guess it’ll happen soon.

Music wise, I’ve got a Sol*Selectas release almost ready, been collaborating with Melo on something very dark, recently been chatting about a collaboration with Joti from Sanwich Island Bass. We’re going to be releasing a heap of stuff on Scold Recordings next year including a collaboration EP with Romor (Hoodwink), an EP from Kreecha and Geekboy, possibly something with Lilly Unsub, some winter fire from the MIR Crew in Sweden and we been chatting to Rum Baba about doing a release too.

WC: What keeps you up at night?

D: Worrying about cavity wall insulation. If that goes your heating bills could soar over a 12 month period.

WC: Do you believe that Britain or England has something to contribute to moombahton? What is it?

D: Let’s be clear – If William Gilbert hadn’t discovering electricity in 1600, there wouldn’t have been any power for the decks at that famous skipping party. See where I’m going with this?

Everyone knows that everything in the world was invented here, from the simple pin making machine to concentration camps, we’re proud to have been at the head of every modern advance, whatever the cost to humanity.

Left to us, trap would have been crushed in some sort of armed crusade and Azealia Banks? Pah! A short spell in the Tower of London followed by a botched beheading would have ensured any arguments over copyright were swiftly dealt with.

WC: What drugs do you do?

D: Only ones beginning with R. So far the only one I could find was Rohypnol. It’s ok I guess, but every time I come round from it my camera phone’s gone missing and when I look in the mirror I can’t face my own gaze.


Did you enjoy the interview? I wonder if Disgraceland is getting raped right now? Maybe?

Wanna have a listen to that EP we’ve been talking about? Check it out below:

Wanna buy it?


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