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Very proud to be able to support and talk to you about this EP. Zee Reach is one of those guys whose music immediately jumped out at me. The first track I heard of his was “Tu Sonrisa” which is this high powered Merengue banger that after I played it, everyone was like “What is that song? Who made that?”. The tracks from Zee Reach kept coming and it was exciting to see because it was like this guy was trying to challenge himself to make music of all different genres. Music for him seemed like a fun game and it was just cool to see what he would do next.

It must have been last spring when I first heard the track Caramba! and I liked it enough to play on the air for a University of Toronto college radio show put on by my boys Dos Mundos. I thought the Middle Eastern sounds were really cool and different then a lot of the stuff that you were used to hearing in moombahton music. Now Zee Reach has been able to assemble a group of remixers from all over the world to do some great remixes of this track for the EP that he dropped on Sleep Disorder Records. While the original has that great characteristic of moombahton where you can just groove to it, the remix from Italy’s Milangeles is a high powered juke attack the goes between frenetic and calm to provide a thrill ride. The moombahton remix from America’s SAUR gives you a screwed down sambaesque beat that makes you feel like you’re having a sexy times in Brazil. Rafael Aragon from France takes you on a journey that starts in Mexico with a 3ballish beat and then half way through starts to build up this tension like you need to rush somewhere very fast. The Zee Reach Andek remix is like they took a club out of Baltimore and dropped it in Syria because that shit is some straight up Middle eastern Bmore and you can get it for free below! Pwedza from DC rounds out the EP with more moombahton. His remix uses some big drums. He ain’t playin.

We have a little something else for you guys or rather two extra somethings. An interview and then at the end of this post an exclusive track!

First off, we had a chance recently to sit down with Zee Reach in order to ask him a few questions.

Walmer Convenience: So how long have you been producing man? Seems like you’re only been on the scene recently but your productions were already very good.

Zee Reach: Well thanks man. Yeah I’ve produced music for many years for many crews, mc’s as dj/producer and had a lot of positive feedback from fans, radio, press and dj’s. I started the bass music solo project under the name of Zee Reach early fall last year.

WC: It seems like this Caramba track is a mix of Middle Eastern elements with Latin elements. What was your inspiration in fusing those two things together?

ZR: Yes you’re right, Arabic Middle Eastern sounds with a Latin Moombah beat.

I thought it might be a good idea to mix the two styles and make a clubbing track with traditional sounds. I had music with some Arabic sounds that I didn’t finish and it was more tropical so I decided to make a moombahton version and it became Caramba!.

WC: What is the moombahton scene like in France? You don’t hear about it very much. Can French people make moombahton?

ZR: The moombahton scene is quite rare in France but there are more and more fans so it will come. Here in Strasbourg, Banana Split and I organize bass music parties “Dirty Safari” and also Caterva with their Pussy Magnet. Vlad Prod, Hell Yeah / Tropical Madness and Tropikal Masala in Paris… Also TrueLyonCrew at Lyon, Rob at Besac, Marseille, Bordeaux and probably in other cities because I don’t know everybody but it’s coming. I try to form a European network with people I meet in parties or elsewhere to help each other to grow the Moombah scene and move it forward.

As far as musical productions there’s all the ones mentioned above and surely others but to answer your question, yes the French heads can produce good moombahton and make peoples dance on it! Come to see mayne! I think that we can build bridges between African and Latin American communities to include moombahton in parties so I’m also working on that.

ZeeReach_CozeMagazine_Mai2012 (pix by E.Bottoms)

WC: Why do you think global bass music is so big in Europe? There are so many big acts in the scene from there. It seems in some ways very foreign to Europe.

ZR: I don’t think that the global bass music scene is big, I think it’s growing. Yeah we’ll see but I think that the Moombah will have more exposure and succes in France the next summer.

There’s also big parties and global bass movements in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Denmark, Holland, Lituania and many other countries around but we have to share more and more this music to make people know it and maybe like it.

WC: Do French people really drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of baguette?

ZR: I think yes, I do. I eat one baguette everday at least and often drink wine when I eat.

Here in strasbourg, as “European beer’s main city” a lot of people drink beers everyday more than wine. Wine it’s more like for eating/toasting… Now we’ve the xmas spirit so you can buy some warm wine with spices in the street. Yes, as the most French “cliché”, that’s true.


WC: What is your next move? What are your upcoming releases? 

ZR: My next move is to come in Toronto to bring a special bottle of wine and have fun mixing with the one and only dirty French man who lives there and run this fuckin’ shit Walmer Convenience bullet blog, heard!

Also growing the moombah community by doing parties, mixing in gigs and meeting people.

Otherwise, the BubbleHeads remix I did (already on soundcloud) will be out early January and I’m finishing the “Big Thing Vibes” ep with remixes from Caballo, Juke Ellington, Scratchy, Carnnibal and more to come released on Sleep Disorders Records. Preparing a free release for Cabeza Netlabel, a Moombah track for Electronic Players Compilation/Bass Music, a remix of the upcoming Banana Split release “Moombanana”, an Trvpical EP with Tricksta, a remix for Gato Preto and another one for Dj Nappy. That’s the plan before mid January. I’m also finishing mixes for ZooFresh, GhettoBazar and Sleep Disorders.

BOOM! There you have it from the man himself. Let’s check out the EP after talking about it for so fucking long:



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