Walmer Convenience


Yes, it might be true that magic, to be truly appreciated is best left unexplained but this video, which is so perfect on so many levels, asks that you take it apart. How are we to grasp great art if we don’t understand what makes it great? Let us count the ways:

1. He literally shows you what he’s talking about. From the very beginning where he’s like “Let’s go to the hood. Let’s ride. Jump on that train” and they show a picture of a train you know that you’re in for something deep. Then he shows you bones on a drum when he talks about that, then a guitar, later vitamins, etc. You get it. Of course you do. He shows you these things to make sure you get it. There is no room for error. When he talks about bones being drums he wants you to see bones and drums.

2. The lyrical diamonds he drops. Here are some examples:

-“I’ve been infected with this disease called passion, you can see it on my sleeve, hear it when I’m rappin/smell it when I’m sweatin, hear it when I’m cryin, if I don’t make music I’d probably be dyin'”

-“Why your pops dropped you on yo head? that’s my question/why my pops dropped me on my head? i’m real reckless”

3. I think he’s wearing half pants half shorts like one side has a pant leg and the other doesn’t for one of his outfits. What the fuck is that?

4. If you keep it locked in after the video is done you get a special treat. A commercial for the ICell “the first ever cell phone watch”. Shit is ugly as fuck but Metta World Peace obviously owns a stake in this company so he’s gonna tell you how much he likes it and that you can check the weather while you’re playing basketball which is what I always wanted to do.

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