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Here is our free Winter Bass compilation to help get you through the cold desolate months with good music. Or maybe you live in a warm place and it never gets that cold and winter is meaningless to you. Personally we at Walmer love the snow and ice. It makes you not take things for granted and also let’s you wear different clothes at different parts of the year. But this is a compilation of music, not temperature.

Our philosophy behind this comp was pretty fucking simple: no moombahton or trap. We love those genres but find they’ve been overexposed, especially by our fucking site. This gives us a chance to not only bring to you new music but work with new people with a lot of talent. We got juke and ghettotech and kuduro and a whole bunch of other great shit inside. Check it out below and grab the whole thing from the link underneath!

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  1. Great stuff! Very refreshing to hear different styles.

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  3. This whole EP is dope! I especially love Haruhi’s Theme, that beat, Proper Treatment. I had the mix on my HD for awhile but had no artist names at all, glad to have found it!

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