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Hey everyone. Big day ahead. A shitload of great music is right at the bottom of this post for free. It’s the moombahton forever comp featuring all your favourite moombahton stars like David Nada, Sabo, The Torro Torros, Broseph Safari, Kingman’s Fires (Pickster & Melo), The Dj Craze, Valentino Khan, ETC!ETC!, The Sazon Booyas, The GTAs, Nick Thayers, LeDoom and other dudes who are important and a young man by the name of Jay Fay.

This comp should by all rights be fucking something that you pay for. It’s packed with quality moombahton that will devastate any type of party from a festival in the day to a basement at 4am. Some of these guys are becoming huge and it’s fucking #rare in the real sense to get a quality tune from them for free. But will this save moombahton as people are hoping and saying? Is this going to put it back in the public eye and get people interested? Well, yes immediately and only maybe in the future. It will definitely give the movement momentum going into the SXSW/WMC March madness time coming up. No doubt about that. But after? Well it really depends if most of these guys go back to making only other stuff or keep putting out a moombahton track every now and then.

On the one hand you can definitely understand the urge to branch out for creative reasons and also just not to have all you career eggs in one genre basket. Some of these guys have gone on to do amazing things like Heartbreak (who is one 1/2 of Aggro Kids) who is killing every style he touches and Torro Torro gone on the make festival grade bangers that your mom plays that’s how big they are. On the other hand though, when many of the big names in a scene stop making tracks in that genre people are going to care less and it’s not surprising people have been all over trap because that’s where a lot of the interesting and famous producers are doing things. The whole point of this is that we need tracks of this caliber coming out throughout the year on a consistent basis for the moombahton scene to be healthy. Mad respect though to Sol Selectas, Diabluma Sound, Rot10 Musik and other labels and peeps that have been holding the moombahton fort on a consistent basis. You are definitely helping to make moombahton last for ever.

So now I’m gonna shut the fuck up and let you get the perspective of a young and super talented producer named Josh Fagin but who is better known as Jay Fay. We sat down and talked to him about his career, the state of moombahton and if gets a lot of pussay.

Walmer Convenience: Why Jay Fay? It sounds kinda unmasculine.

Jay Fay: Sophomore year of high school I started making mashup music and couldn’t think of a name to call myself. I looked at my initials “JF” and came up with Jay Fay. Then once I stopped making mashups and my own music it kind of stuck with me.

W: What kinda music do you listen to? What kind of sound do you strive for in your music? Who are your idols as producers?

JF: I listen to all sort of music, not just electronic. I tend to listen to electronic music the most though. For my music, I try to make everything I do different than what I’ve done before. I love all types of music and I really want to make that show in my own. In terms of idols, definitely producers like Diplo, Daft Punk, Crookers, and Dillon Francis have all been influential to me.

W: Are you making mad money yet from producing and playing festivals? How many watches do you own? How many cars?

JF: Somewhat. I definitely never thought that I’d be making any sort of money from music in the short amount of time I’ve been doing it. I don’t own any watches, but I have a car.

W: Speaking of festivals and touring in general, how is that? Do you find it pretty fucking awesome? Does it suck ass ever?

JF: Touring is awesome. Again, I never thought I’d be even touring after such a short amount of time. I never traveled as a kid, and in the past year I’ve gotten to travel to a lot of places across the country that I hadn’t been to, so that’s been pretty awesome too. I don’t think any of it really sucks ass, except for being in airports a lot, but thats an inevitable part of the job so it doesn’t really bother me…for now at least. I’ve only played a few festivals so far, but the festivals I have played have been super fun.

W: How many different chicks do you bang a week? Do you think you would bang as many if you worked at Pizza Hut?

JF: 😉

W: How do you feel about moombahton right now? Is it in a good place, is it in a bad place?

JF: I think it took a backseat for a bit, but I don’t think it’s even reached it peak yet. The internet kinda became hyper focused on Trap music this year, and it kinda left people’s minds, BUT I think in 2013 theres going to be a better balance between the two. Especially since the upcoming “Moombahton Forever” compilation is starting the year off for moombahton in a great way.

W: Do you think it’s worth fighting for a genre’s survival or do you think we just gotta let things happen as they happen?

JF: I think if the music is good a genre can survive. Good music = survival of a genre in my opinion. Though I do think fighting to keep a genre from changing is dumb. People getting upset over a genre taking a new form is counterproductive. In the end though, genres don’t matter and have become an arbitrary way of classifying music. The lines between all music have become blurred. It’s a super great time for experimentation in my opinion.

W: People say that trvp muzvck replaced moombahton as the next big thing. Why do you think trvp has made such an impact so quickly? Do you think trvp has the legs to survive past 2013?

JF: Kinda what I was saying before, I don’t think it necessarily replaced it, but the internet became super focused on trap music and set moombahton aside. At the same time, a lot of the people who were making moombahton started doing trap so there was a slower output of moombahton songs. I think the chain of events all happening at the right place and the right time caused trap to blow up so much. Hip-hop has also been in such a great place (in my opinion at least) so it makes sense that a form of that got big in the electronic music world. It’s always going to be around because hip-hop will always be around, but it’ll probably take on a different form. I will say this though, just like with moombahton, a lot of the tunes being put out are starting to all sound similar and become caricature’s of each other. I do like most it of it though.

W: Do you prefer making Moombahton or trap?

JF: I like making everything. I don’t necessarily like making one more than the other, it just depends on what I’m feeling when I get in the studio.

W: Any big things planned for 2013 or has you career stalled?

JF: I’m definitely planning some big things for this year. I’m going to put a couple new EPs by the end of the year and do a bunch more touring. I have no intention of stalling my career at all, it’s barely even started!

W: Do you have any advice for aspiring producers or do you think you have no experience worth offering?

JF: I think the best advice I could give is that if you really want to make music your career you have to be in it 100%, for better or for worse. Don’t get to high off the highs and too low off the lows.

W: Any regrets?

JF: I guess the only regret I have is not spending a bit more time on some tracks I’ve put out to make them better. Other than that, I’ve been extremely happy with everything that has happened so far in my career!

Boom there you have it! Enough reading now, you’ve had your fill. Go grab the tunes. Our faves are the Torro Torro one, Jay Fay one, Kingman Fire tune and Nick Thayer one. Oh and GTA one is crazy too. GO FUCKING GET THEM!


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