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Maybe you are like “She’s not the worst, she’s so fierce and I love her”. You are wrong. Kill yourself. Wait no. Don’t. Let me first explain why she’s the worst and then if you disagree with me then kill yourself. Sound fair?

We’ll admit, when we first heard 212 we were like “this chick is pretty cool”. It was catchy and she had attitude. As time went on though we started to wonder about her though. It all started with the beef with our boy Munchi. Basically she had used one of his tracks “Esta Noche” in a free mixtape she had given out. Nothing wrong there. Rappers go over other people’s beats in mixtapes all the time. Common practice. They give those shits out for free. It got ugly when she announced that she was gonna put that shit out as a single. Firstly there was no credit given to Munchi and then secondly bitch didn’t even ask his permission to put it out. Basically she was gonna put out a song where she goes over a person’s beat without permission and charge people money for it. Disgusting. They ended up trying to pay Munchi off with this paltry amount but he refused and refused to allow the single to be released because honestly why would you let someone who tried that to get their way.

Then there was here blatant jacking of #seapunk aesthetics. This was not so big a deal but it was just more wackness from a wack ass person.

Now there is this Harlem Shake issue which has just put her over the edge of the piece of shit precipice. Fucking bitch goes and posts herself “rapping” over this track on soundcloud. There are so many reasons why this helps to solidify her position as the worst person in music today. Let’s list them for fun:

1. No credit given to Baauer. Track is tagged as “original”. This bitch is nothing if not the most unoriginal.

2. You fucking put out this shit now. Not when the track first burst out on the indie electronic scene a year or more ago, no, you did it now when it’s a fucking meme that people talk about on your fucking local news show and Good Morning America and your fucking mom knows it. There is no more better time than to accuse a person of “cashing in”.

3. This “rap” sucks and is useless and unnecessary and actually ruins this song.

4. She is once again on twitter acting like she ain’t doing anything wrong and that jacking people’s shit without credit is cool.

5. One starts to suspect that she does this on purpose to get attention which just makes it even worse. She can’t get any attention for having talent (she has none) so just gets recognition for being a wack ass bitch which I guess is something. Eventually though people stop paying attention to a person who just pulls shitty stunts for attention.

Now let’s rewind a little and look again at 212 which everyone gives her a pass for. Was it really that good? Didn’t she just steal the different voices thing from Nicki Minaj? It’s really nothing special. We took this lame-o, gave her an undeserved spotlight and only now are we getting that it was a terrible mistake. It’s even worse that we are all paying attention to this. In fact, I am going to make an oath now to never talk about Azealia Banks ever again. I don’t want to be part of the problem, I want to be part of the solution. I invite all other bloggers and media people to take the same oath. I invite everyone to unfollow her on twitter. Let’s make a world where this garbage child just lashes out alone in their room with the door closed and no one listening as she deserves. Sound good? Oh yeah and she’s also a homophobe.

Here is this garbage Harlem Shake “rap” for you all to hear since she keeps taking it down since she can’t even really own this fucking shit move she pulled.

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  1. Moombashley on said:

    She jacked swoop from Etc! Etc! & Brillz too and gave credit to her “producers”. I feel like she needs to be exiled, or have her vocal chords removed.

  2. 212 was probably stolen too since I don’t remember Lazy Jay getting any credit for the beat. Look up Lazy Jay – Float My Boat

  3. shes hot .. nothin else counts in this buiz..

  4. This is a pretty poor piece of journalism, honestly. I don’t even remember what point the author was trying to argue because of how terrible the writing was. Hm, just re-read the title. Totally agree on that though!

  5. Daniel Nagelkerke on said:

    Late to this party, but I think point 5 is truly valid. From what I’ve heard from people she jacked beats from, all she did was send a text saying ‘I used your beat lol’ and suddenly it’s published without credit.

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