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Hey y’all. What the fuck is happening? Do you like trains? I’m writing this fucking post on one right now! Like a boss. Anyway, this EP came out yesterday and not only does it feature Canadian content but it’s also full of great and diverse music. Grandtheft is one of those guys who you can rely on to make great shit every time. Look at that picture of him. He looks like he is ready to take advantage of you, with music. Check his fucking soundcloud. I gave you the link. This is music that is made for djs to wreck clubs with. Not dj tools but more dj weapons. Bang bang.

On this release you got the track My House that sounds like deep club. Then you got fucking Hear This with our boy DJ Theory that could be called dutch bashment club. Yeah I fucking know those are the worst descriptions of tracks ever. There’s more though. On the remix you got Toronto champs Thugli making this spaced out I smoked too much weed and did too much blow so my face is frozen type trap track. You got our boy Astronomar housing thangs up. gLAdiator make this version that is kinda garagey and sounds like you could dance to it to beat the clock that is ticking down your life. Top Billin and Swick’s remix sounds like someone is tightening things on you while you are trying to dance. I told you I had more shitty descriptions of tracks. Toronto champs Keys n Krates fucking make what is maybe the best remix on this Ep with what could only be called epic power trap. Kepikei who we have never heard of before does a strong but pretty run of the mill trap remix to round things off.

All in all this is something that is definitely worth your time. This is a dream team of Canadian producers. Non Canadians like Astronomar, Swick and gLAdiator are making big waves right now. Another win by Top Billin team who have one of our favourite labels in the world. Listen and buy fuckers:

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