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I love all these dudes. The AZ Gunslingaz is not only a group of great producers but they are awesome fuckers to boot. All of them are just some of the coolest dudes you will ever deal with and are among the elite group of people I have nothing bad to say about in this music industry where people sell their grandmas to get ahead.

So what have we got in this 3rd outing? Well. Some pretty diverse and impressive shit. First off you got Mendez flipping the music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly into some intense and epic moombahton that will have you feeling like this is the moment that your whole life has been leading up to when you listen to it. Next up Pickster drops a bashmenty sounding track that makes you feel like you are in some dancehally space jungle. The Kingman Fire track is crazy on some early 80’s electro influenced moombahton tip. Riot Earp does what he’s been doing best recently with some throbbing ghetto club shit. Melo & Riot Earp team up for the next jam which is some deep moombahton that in some ways feels like a King Kong track but more of a house influence than rnb. Rounding out the tracks we got Mendez dropping some discofied moombahsoul.

There’s really something for everyone on here and maybe there are things you never knew you liked. Check it out.


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2 thoughts on “FREE AZ GUNSLINGAZ VOL 3

  1. Love these compilations, so much of whats posted here and in the megaposts ends up on my radio shows, great work, thanks

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