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“What’s the deal with Zouk Bass? I am seeing all these songs on the soundclouds with that tag?” That’s you right now. It’s valid question. So what is it? Is it new? Well it’s new to you and many people. Zouk (sans the “Bass”) has been around for decades and is a music that was popular in the Caribbean and in parts of Africa. It’s slow, laid back and definitely related to reggae. It can be very melodic as well and many of the zouk songs are love songs. So along comes Zouk Bass from Buraka Som Sistema. What it is is basically the beat of zouk with influences from all the some popular West African electronic music genres of the last decade. The problem that I and many have with this new Zouk Bass thing is that it’s fucking music that has existed forever being now packaged to Westerners by a source that they trust (Buraka Som Sistema) and what will definitely happen as happened with trap and moombahton and most other musics is that all the people who actually influenced that sound will be forgotten and it will be a bunch of white kids in hoodies from suburbs who will be  making it and getting recognition.

Alright, now that that is out of the way, let’s look at who so far is cashing in on Zouk Bass:

Generation Bass is always at the forefront of trying to be at the forefront of new sounds. With this release by Sabbo, they can say they were one of the first to be into Zouk Bass. Sabbo is a cool dude tho.


Obviously Buraka Som Sistema gotta put out some shit in Zouk Bass. They’re the ones who started all this shit. Check it:

This track by Banginclude is faster but I fucking like it:

Here is the original “zouk bass” track. It’s by Dj Kuimba from Portugal. It was used by Buraka to introduce the sound but Kuimba has labeled it as Tarraxo. Tarraxo is a genre that is popular in the Portuguese parts of West Africa and is very dem bow based. Go google it. Lots of good shit.


Here we have our bros fucking Riot Earp and Dj Melo doing a “Zouk Bass” inspired track. Definitely also some dancehall influence on this. I like the more upbeat versions of this sound with a slightly faster tempo. They are better for playing to real people and not to friends on the internet.

Our boy Jamrock just did a zouk bassish track today that uses your favourite track: Drop It Like It’s Hot

We round out this overview with more Walmer bros Sandwich Island Bass. Check their interpretation:

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