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This is awesome. We have for you today, exclusive, a free EP from our boy down Texas way: MoonDoctoR. MoonDoctoR is an increasingly gifted producer and DJ who is a member of the prestigious Teklife crew. Lookup Teklife and footwork and you’ll see what that means. He’s also got a label with his life partner FreshtillDef called (wait for it) Freshmoon.

So what is this EP all about? The first two tracks are some soulful footwork with strong R n B vibes going on. The synth on Footron should help you have sex if that is something you find difficult. You may even have a baby. The last track Gettin Paid is a collab with FreshtillDef and goes in hard as fuck. This is some straight up get money music.

So stop waiting and just download this thing right now. The only thing you risk is having a better selection of music to play.


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  1. that FOOTRON VIP………………………damn son thats all i can say

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