Walmer Convenience


We are proud to present to you, the new Z Sonic The Ultrasonic EP from BDR Dancefloor. This is some seriously different moombahton. If you’re like me and you’re at the point where you almost want to refuse to have anything to do with bleepy dutch housey moombahton then this is the answer to your prayers. There is techno here. There is jazz. There is tribal. There is an Eastern influence. There is a Latin element. Its all tied together by the dem bow beat. If you have even wondered what to say to someone when they tell you that moombahton is limited by dem bow, just shut up and play them this. We become so focused on the thick of the forest of unoriginal mediocrity that we forget at times the immense open space that surrounds it.

The first track Ultrasonic Being is like this metallic stomper of a track that contrasts well with the jazzy second track Jazz Acid. The next track Blizzard in the Temple is like you are in the Andes and hanging out with Incas in the year 2356 and there is a really intense party. The last is like you are in a jungle of frogs and other creatures partying but they’re all robot creatures. Does that make sense? No? Whatever. The tracks and DL link are below.

Grab this unique release and cleanse your moombahton palette. Maybe it will inspire you to set off towards unexplored territories.


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