Walmer Convenience


Awesome treat for you guys courtesy of our pals over at Bad Shoes Records. They have provided for our Walmer readers not one but two exclusive tunes for you to enjoy while you make pizza or cheat on your life partner. They are both by Cake Eater who hails out of Nebraska. First off we’ve got this awesome remix of Snoop Lion’s (I still hate that fucking name) No Guns Allowed that takes it into what I would call a very atmospheric direction. Perfect for a sunset in the tropics. Check it out:


Next up we got a remix of that Kanye West New Slaves track. It sound like some spy shit. Like you know like time is running out and you have to make it somewhere or else the world will end. There is a lot of drama here. I also love that it ain’t straight up trap or anything else. It occupies the space in between genres. Not enough tracks are like that and people have been feeling it for that reason. Check it out:


If you have been into these last two track then there is even more great news. Cake Eater is dropping an album on Bad Shoes called Jangala on Aug 20th. We have an exclusive sneak peek right now. I think that the best way to describe this album is that if you like the music on this website, then you will like the music on this album. It’s a smorgasbord of global bass sounds. You can find trap and club in there as well as other songs that like the remixes above occupy the space in between genres. I am very impressed with this new talent. Have a listen:

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