Walmer Convenience


1. My ass

2. Vaudeville

3. The Blues

4. Monocles

5. Your Mom’s Vagina

6. Saddam Hussein’s ghost

7. The film “Ghost”

8. Cassette Tapes

9. the tv show “Friends”

10. Italian Cuisine

11. The Soviet Union

12. Ultimate Frisbee

13. Hacky Sack

14. The frogs that made “Bud” “Wise” “Er”

15. American Gladiators

16. Steve Urkel

17. Stefan Urquell

18. Eddie Murphy

19. Mad Tv

20. Pagers

21. Myspace

22. Coolio

23. Movies where like a white person has to go teach inner city ethnic kids and finds a way to teach them but also learns some things about life

24. Auto-tune

25. Dancing With The Stars

26. the character Kramer from the tv show “Seinfeld”

27. Paintings

28. Rollerblades

29. The Ghostbusters theme song

30. Fatman Scoop

31. writing letters to people

32. the dutty wine

33. Airplane Food

34. WW I

35. Jean Claude Van Damme

36. Taco Bell dog who is now dead

37. The Taco Bell dog’s ghost

38. The guy who was haunted by the ghost of the Taco Bell dog

39. America Online

40. Erasers

41. the tv show Survivor

42. Everyone who has ever been a contestant on Survivor

43. Penn & Teller

44. Tofurkey

45. Mel Gibson

46. The film The Matrix Revolutions

47. Tex-Mex

48. The Olive Garden chain of restaurants

49. tying two cans to a long string and talking through that

50. Pretending to like jazz music

51. Wheelbarrows

52. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

53. Muskets

54. Sony yellow sports walkmen

55. Drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade

56. McDonald’s Big Mac Snack Wrap

57. Lunchables

58. The Gypsy Kings

59. Andy Warhol

60. the rapper Fat Joe

61. Big Pun’s ghost

62. the tv show Jersey Shore

63. CSI: Miami

67. going “Oh Snap!” and then making your fingers snap together

68. the film Forrest Gump

70. eating Pringles chips

71. Girls making duckface

72. Paris Hilton

73. reading books after you saw the movie made from them

74.¬†reading books after you saw the movie made from them and having the actors from the movie version in your imagination as you read and so basically you’re re-watching the movie

75. 3.5 inch floppy discs

76. Payphones

77. the Home Alone series of films

78. losing money out of your pocket in a taxi when you’re drunk and realizing it the next day but it’s too late and you just accept that it’s gone

79. MSN instant messenger

80. Khaki pants

81. Buying porno magazines or films in a store

82. saying “world wide web”

83. going to Europe to backpack in your early 20’s

84. Crocodile Dundee

85. making your own ice cream

86. complaining about celebrities djing

87. raking leaves in your yard

88. Duracell Batteries

89. poking people in Facebook

90. saying “Talk to the hand cuz the face ain’t listening”

91. The double rainbow guy

92. The band Limp Bizkit

93. having sex with lady boys in Thailand

94. eating KFC coleslaw

95. worrying about carbs

96. shutter shades

97. working on a novel

98. being scared to eat foreign cuisine

99. Oldsmobile

100. asking “what do you get for the girl who has everything?”



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