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We here at Walmer Convenience like to speculate on things. So we decided to think really hard on which big djs could rock the legendary Berlin temple of techno music. It’s surprising who has not djed there. This is totally a worthwhile exercise to speculate like this and throw names around.

5. David Guetta

(DPA) MUSICA: DAVID GUETTA SI ESIBISCE DURANTE L'EVENTO -IBIZA TO BERLIN-David Guetta is one of the biggest names in EDM yet he has never played Berghain. Shocking!

4. Borgore

Borgore+2Borgore has rocked the biggest clubs in the world. Except one: Berghain. We’d like to see that change.

3. DJ Shadow

shadow_bio_picDj Shadow is a pioneer and one of history’s most accomplished and talented DJs. He’s always pushing boundaries. Maybe that’s why he’s never played Berghain? He’s just too future.

2. Calvin Harris

972580-calvin-harrisCalvin Harris is another big name with major residencies all around the world and he has made some of the biggest hits in electronic music history. It’s about time he got a chance to step behind the decks in Berghain. He would probably help increase their bottle service revenue. A win-win I’d say.

1. Steve Aoki

lucy_liu_011What Steve Aoki lacks in dj talent, he makes up for in raw energy. His style would be a perfect accompaniment to the debauchery Berghain is known for.

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  1. LMAAAAOOOO!!! 😀

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