Walmer Convenience


1. A girl will be going to school and have homework and will be competing in spelling bees while a woman will have a job and will sometimes have to bring work home and be competing for promotions.

2. A girl will not know what she wants sexually because she has not had sex yet whereas a woman will know what she wants kinda because she has had sex at least a few times and will have an idea of some things that she likes.

3. A girl will play with Barbie dolls and toys whereas a woman will play with your emotions.

4. A girl will have to go home at 10 or 11pm at the latest whereas a woman can stay out later.

5. A girl will pass a note to you asking you to check a box if you like her whereas a woman will send a text asking you to check her box if you like her.

6. A girl has to ask her parents before she can go out whereas a woman has to ask her friends before she can put out.

7. A girl is short whereas a woman is taller than a girl usually.

8. When a girl is upset with you she cries really loud whereas when a woman is upset she says nothing.

9. A girl will get drunk off one drink whereas a woman may need more.

10. You are a pedophile if you date a girl but you are not if you date a woman.

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  1. hahaha this reminds me of those stupid tumblr or buzzfeed lists. funny shit

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