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Who is King DouDou? Is he a new enemy who is going to ruin your vibe and give you more headaches? Or is he an old friend, someone you always knew who has returned in a new form to smash this global bass game like your mom smashes dick bruh.

King DouDou is the new project of Douster, who is one of my fave global bass makers. There was a time in my short terrible life where almost all I would play in my sets was Douster remixes and originals. Look, here’s a picture of me and Douster back from 1896 when he visited Toronto. He had no idea who I was.31805_388630613718_1521412_n

Anyway,  so how is this new King DouDou shit you are probably asking? Well if you were smart you would have just skipped to the end of this post and listened to the music but if you care so much about my opinion I’ll let you know that this is some tasty low to mid bpm latin heat. The first track “Culo” is perfect if you wanna slow wine on a gyal in the barrio late at night while the other track “El Baile Del Tao” is more upbeat with some reggae vibes and let’s you fast wine with a gyal. Basically just wine with gyals this summer whether you’re a dude or a chick.

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