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Feel like your career is never gonna take off. Don’t dispare yet, here are 10 producers who peaked after they turned dirty 30.

BAAUER (pictured above):

Having only started producing at 27, Baauer (Clement Levinson) didn’t hit the big time until after the mega hit Harlem Shake. He was 32 when it went viral. Not bad for a late start.


skrillexTodd Bertleson who you probably know better as Skrillex seems like he’s been around forever. There’s a good reason for it too. Ever since scoring his first hit in the 90’s with “Rockafeller Skank” at the age of 34, the superstar has been a fixture and doesn’t look a day older then his current age of 56.


RLGrime-2Chip Whatley had been working for years behind the scenes in the industry before hitting it big as RL Grime. At 42 years old he’s proof that it’s never too late to make a bold move.


DJ-SnakeDj Snake may be an international sensation, but Taylor Samuels as he’s know to his friends and family had to wait a long time for all the accolades. At 39 he’s hit his stride and doesn’t appear to be slowing down heading into his 40’s.


1836756_656020107766841_1612817198_oSergei Von Hohenzollern is the perfect example of a producer hitting it big later on in life. The cult figure first came to prominence at 37 and has never looked back since. Producing “Turn Down For What” probably didn’t hurt.


zhu-logoHiding behind the mysterious Zhu identity allows Hayden Rasmueller’s 41 year old age not to play a part in how people absorb his music. The strategy has paid off with multiple hits this year like “My Love” and “Lemonade”.


seth-troxler-moustacheSeth Troxler (the stage name of Chad Fitzgibbons) is known to many as the grandfather of progressive house. Just try keeping up with this 56 year old producer and you probably won’t be calling him grandfather for long.


aviciiIf Germaine Stubbens has looked rough of late it’s probably because you can only party so hard at the age of 49 before it catches up to you. Apparently he’s on the mend and audiences will get to hear him drop his seminal hit “Animals” live come the spring.


WWKD OCTOBER 2013It’s crazy to think that Omari “Flume” Jones just turned 51 years old. He’s only just hit his stride with such hits as “Levels” and collaborations with Justin Bieber. Proof that hard work pays off.


bassnectarJoshua Petkovsky had been DJing for 20 years before he started his Bassnectar act. Now he plays all the biggest raves in Europe and is even making inroads in the US.

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  1. The gods’ truth, right here.

  2. SubCode on said:

    Haha….time won’t tell on these guys..that all look so young..Skillex..57…?…that’s definately an eye opener!!

  3. There are so many incorrect facts here… can’t tell if you’re trolling or really dumb lol

  4. Youre wrong on said:

    This is wrong. Starting with skrillex’s name is sonny moore and he is 26.

  5. Nuerin Von Atomberg on said:

    Thank you for this list of inspiration. I am a 57 year old retired physicist living in Scarborough. I recently got into the ADM scene, which led me to buy some equipment, and make progressive techno in comfort of my home overlooking the bluffs. I aspire to get to the same level of success as these wonderful musicians you listed. One day, my name will be next to Richie Hawtin’s at Space in Ibiza. Except I will not be pushing any speakers on people. That is just plan rude.

    Thank you for your informative article. Keep up the good work.

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