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We did a part one but it quickly became obvious that there are too many good beats from these guys so, in the spirit of completeness, here are 10 more. Enjoy and be inspired. Neptunes are the best of the best and are a great place to start if you are interested in production techniques.

Slim Thug – Like A Boss:

An iconic and often parodied track. It’s a sick beat though. That’s what helped it get so big.

Kelis – Milkshake:

This song was so fucking big and in many ways is such a prototypical Neptunes beat. It was Kelis’ greatest moment. All downhill after that.

Kardinal Offishal – Bellydancer

This song never became huge but this is one of the best examples of the skill these guys had with percussion. Insane levels here.

Jay Z – Change Clothes

The production is so classy on this as befits the song. What this demonstrates very clearly is how integral Pharrell’s voice was as an element of Neptunes productions. There is a reason why he was the face of the pair.

Clipse – Grindin

This track is awesome in so many ways. Not only is the beat sick but it’s iconoclastic in the way that the beat is the chorus. It was so good that it was rightly made the centrepiece of the track.

Birdman ft Clipse – What Happened To That Boy

This track (other than the fact he owns Cash Money) is the only reason you know about Birdman. The beat is dope, Pusha T sounds dope on this and this had people making bird sounds for a period.

Busta Rhymes ft Diddy – Pass The Courvoisier Part II

This track is another on that peeps forgot about but when they hear it they lose their shit. Sounds like it should be the official music of Spain with that spanishy sound.

N.E.R.D. – Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom) (Remix)

Yeah the fucking remix is crazy with Pusha T and that little guy we call Kanye when he was just a fresh faced angry youth.

Busta Rhymes ft Pharrell – Light Your Ass On Fire

This track came just after Busta’s glory days but the beat is one of the best ones he’s ever flowed over. Busta and Neptunes beats actually go very well together. Both are eccentric.

Noreaga – Nothin

We end as we begin with a Noreaga track. If this guy hadn’t gotten any beats from the Neptunes I don’t we’d know anything from his post C-N-N days. This beat still slays.

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