Walmer Convenience



-The Dirty Frenchman is the author of the Walmer blog and the dj face of Walmer Convenience. He is an international sensation who has played cities the world over like Toronto, Paris, Florence and Austin (for SXSW). An acclaimed tastemaker and supporter of many of the most important underground music movements of the last decade, The Dirty Frenchman is known for bringing the freshest music to his gigs and making dancers go crazy to the sounds of next year. That’s why he’s known  as “THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL DJ”™.

The Dirty Frenchman has shared the stage with Nadastrom, Brenmar, Astronomar, Bro Safari, Torro Torro, So Shifty & Los Rakas among many more.

He’s also gained acclaim as a writer. You can check out all his archived Do Androids Dance posts here under his Christian name Brice.

Email: walmerconvenience@gmail.com for booking and speaking engagements.

2. STO


Sto is a co-founder of Walmer Convenience. He has organized Walmer parties all over the city of Toronto. Anytime you see a party flyer with “Walmer Convenience Presents”, you know he was the one to set up that event. He is the face of Walmer on the streets. Hustling, wheeling and dealing. He approaches owners of clubs and bars with zero fucks given, because he knows what Walmer can and has always brought. He has always watched the Dirty Frenchman’s back/his primary investment, in the city and around the world since day one. 

Email: walmerconvenience@gmail.com for Walmer stickers (Please put STICKERS in the subject field) and any other inquiries. 


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  4. Lindsay Walker on said:

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  5. Binks303 on said:

    fuck you faggots

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